5 Best Calorie Counter Websites and Apps

Single Leg Squat


3. Calorie Counter PRO

Much like the above two calorie counters, Calorie Counter PRO has a large food database (over 600,000 daily updated foods), a barcode scanner, and a food and exercise log. This app, however, takes things several steps further.

Calorie Counter PRO begins by having you set a weight goal, and keep track of your food and exercise. The app then analyzes your diary, calculates your targets, and guides you with personalized advice and diet tips. You can plan for your target date or weight loss rate, track all body measurements, test results, cholesterol, meds and symptoms. This app lets you connect with friends and participate in community forums that are supported by a Registered Dietitian

And while it has the ability to sync with fitness trackers, Calorie Counter Pro has over 500 activities and exercises and built-in GPS walking/running so you won’t need to use other apps that could slow your device down and drain your battery.

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