Best Meal Planning Apps to Help You Lose Weight


Eat This Much

A large barrier when it comes to meal planning is knowing how much to eat. Eat this much is catered to doing just that and more.

Simply  log your diet goals, the foods you like, your budget, and your schedule, and Eat This Much will  automatically generate a complete meal plan to meet your targets. With the free account, you can create a day’s meal plan and customize it to your individual needs based on preferences, and your nutrition targets.

If you choose to go premium, however, you will be giving up a lot of control because this app does just about everything for you — which is not necessarily a bad thing.

As a premium user, you’ll get an automatically generated week of meal plans sent to you through email with a grocery list. As you follow the plans, you will then be able to rack what you ate or didn’t eat. And if you went off the eaten’ path even slightly, it’s OK. The app makes it simple to readjust your targets for the next week to stay on track.

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