Best Workout Apps to Get Healthy and Stay Fit

It Improves Your Runs

2. Strava

If you’re not quite ready to toe the starting line, but you want to track your running progress and see how you stack up against the locals, Strava is all that and more.

This app that  can be downloaded on iphone, android devices and used on a laptop/desktop for extended features, tracks your runs simply by pressing play each time your run, or by sinking your GPS watch to the app. Once your run is logged, you will be given your time, distance and a map of where you just ran that will then be compared to others who have run the same routes or sections. Strava will then track your progress on certain runs and distances to help you see if you’re improving.

What’s better? You can add friends and even connect with runners from your local area. And when you post your run, you get “kudos” and comments. So basically, it’s Facebook for runners, and it’s pretty awesome.

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