Best Workout Apps to Get Healthy and Stay Fit

Trouble Gaining Muscle

3. Fitness Point

If you’d like to add some weight training to your fitness regimen, Fitness Point has many features that can help you tone up, bulk up or slim down into a finely cut slice or muscle.

This app that can be downloaded both on android and apple devices, has a collection of 70 built in exercises complete withimages, descriptions, and the muscle group affected for you to easily follow. You can also create your own exercises, and then build your own workout based on the muscle groups you want to target.

You will also be able to keep track of your workouts by taking notes, logging weight changes, calories burned, etc. As you progress in your workouts, you are given the option to purchase the Pro version for $5. This version will give you over 400 exercises, a rest timer, graph, body tracker, iCloud backup, unlimited number of logs and no ads.

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