Dangerous Workouts: Avoid These 5 Exercises at All Costs


2. Upright Rows

An upright row is when you pull a barbell or dumbbell up from your waist (with arms extended down) to your collarbone (arms up and elbows out). The problem with this move is that it causes your shoulders to rotate inward and puts too much stress on the rotator cuff. This can easily lead to injury, and does for approximately 2 million people per year according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Another common injury from upright rows is called shoulder impingement syndrome; this makes it difficult and painful to lift your arms upward.

A better option for building strength in the shoulder area is to do lateral raises. Rather than pulling the weight up in front of your body, work one shoulder at a time with weights held down by your side and then lifted slowly no higher than shoulder height.

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