Foods to Avoid Before Your Workout

It’s a tricky thing sometimes. You need to fuel up before a workout, but lots of different foods can cause discomfort during physical exertion. Even foods that are otherwise very healthy can be a no-no before hitting the gym, so what’s a person supposed to do? Just remember that the ideal pre-workout meal includes a mix of carbohydrates and protein. Other nutrients (in large quantities) are best left until after your cool down. Read our list of foods to avoid before a workout to feel better, stronger, and more energetic while you exercise.

Green Bananas

Ripe bananas are actually a great choice to eat before a workout. However, if you choose a banana that still has any trace of green on it, it is technically unripe and in a starchy state. That makes it much harder to digest and can cause gas and bloating. Brown spots on the skin are what tell you that the banana is fully ripe. The sugar content in a ripe banana is much easier to digest, but eating a green banana is not inherently harmful. It’s just better done after a workout.