Most Dangerous Exercises for Your Shoulders

The shoulder has a wide range of motion, making it the most mobile joint in the body. Just think or all the things you can do because you have shoulders. You can lift things up high. You can lift yourself up from a sitting or lying position or roll from side to side. You can run because it is your shoulders help propel your body forward and keep it balanced.

Sadly, many suffer from shoulder injuries. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in  2014 alone, upper extremities affected by an injury or illness accounted for 346,170 cases, with shoulder injuries and illnesses causing workers to miss an average of 26 days of work — more than any other body part.

Many speculate that many of these injuries are due to the flexibility of the joint, and that it isn’t as stable as other joints in the body. However, we propose that it is improper use due to dangerous exercises. Here are some of the most dangerous exercises that you should avoid if you want to keep your all-important joint in prime condition.