Signs You Need to Eat More Protein

A lack of sufficient protein in your diet can be the cause of that tired, rundown, shaky feeling that plagues you during the day. While there are a lot of different things that trigger those symptoms, if you tend to rely on carb-laden breakfasts, such as muffins or cereal, protein deficiency is a good place to start.

Without sufficient healthy sources of protein in your diet, such as fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts, and beans, it’s impossible for your body to function at peak levels. Following are the signs that may indicate you are not getting enough protein.

1. A Cold That Won’t Go Away

A Cold That Won't Go Away

Protein actually plays a big part in your immune system, along with the classic vitamin C. So chronic low protein can cause hiccups in your immune response, leading to low energy, higher vulnerability to germs, and extended time to recover from bugs. If you’ve got a cold that just keeps hanging around, or a wound that just won’t heal, try to take in more protein.