Worst Exercises for Knees

Single Leg Squat


Single Leg Squat (with Poor Knee Control)

Pistol squats are an exercise in which one knee is bent with foot flat on the floor, and the other leg is extended out in front of you as you lower toward the ground. This move requires a huge amount of balance and lower body control. It easily exhausts your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and the smaller stabilizer muscles along ankles and yes, knees. Many people experience poor form when attempting this move. If you try it and notice that your bent knee dips inward, stop immediately. This puts incredible stress on the knee cap, inner knee, meniscus, and anterior cruciate ligament.

A better move: Try Bulgarian split squats. For this exercise, stand in front of a bench or surface that’s about knee high. Rest your back leg on the bench with your front leg positioned about a half meter in front. Push forward until your front leg is bent with your thigh parallel to the ground, but don’t extend your knee over your foot. Return to starting position.

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